The History
of the Bra

80-85% of girls and women who wear bras are wearing the wrong size.

The first use of a special garment to support a woman’s breasts was found in Greek history and several samples have been found in Europe from the middle ages. The modern ‘brassiere’ was first patented in Germany in the late 1800’s.

The primary function of the bra used to be the basic support of the bust, but over the years it has become an important fashion element, giving woman a way to enhance and shape the way they look.

A bra is one of the most complex pieces of apparel made with many different parts. All manufacturers have different standards and sizes vary widely between brands and even between different models of the same brand, making it very difficult for woman to find a bra that fits them correctly, by simply relying on the size labels.

Surgery, either for enhancements or mastectomy, brings with it another form of complexity to finding the correct size that gives the required support while still being comfortable and giving the desired shape.

It is not surprising then that studies have suggested that 80-85% of girls and women who wear bras are wearing the wrong size.

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